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Trending Applications of AI in Pharma.

Leveraging LLMs such as ChatGPT to discover hidden gems in Pharma data

Application of Artificial Intelligence in Pharma Industry

Top 2 Things to know regarding OpenAI privacy rules before using GPT

Plugins: A Game-Changing Upgrade That Will Revolutionize ChatGPT

A new era of AI for education: GPT and its potential impact

Impact of clinical studies on the Sentiment of drugs: A Case Study

Unlocking the Power of Social Listening for Pharmaceutical Companies

Use Of Consumer Language for Efficient Ad Copies, Descriptions, and Titles of your Product Listing

Qualitative Research for your new product launch

Digital Identities and real time insights from physicians

Reputation Management using WebExtract

Competitive Benchmarking using WebExtract

Detect Product Claims that Resonate with Consumers

eCommerce Data at Fingertips

Top 3 No-Code Web Scraping Tools

Top 3 No-Code Web Scraping Tools

Pharmasignals - Analytics platform for KOL conversation

Analyze KOL communities using PharmaSignals(Analytics platform)

Top 10 KOLs in Rheumatology

Top 10 KOLs in Respiratory

Top 10 KOLs in Hematology

Top 10 KOLs in Endocrinology

Top 10 KOLs in Regenerative Medicine

Top 10 KOLs in Dermatology

Aaron Boster

Top 10 KOLs in Neurology

Top 10 KOLs in Gastroenterology

Top 10 KOLs in Cardiology

Tweets By KOLS

Top 10 KOLS in Oncology

Pharma Data Sources

Voice of Customer through Data Harvesting and Storage in Data Lakes

Market Share

Solve e-commerce market share conundrum using reviews data

Patients and physicians discussing unmet needs

Identify the top unmet needs of patients and physicians

Competitor Intelligence on Messaging Changes using Automated Website Monitoring

Sources mined for rare diseases

Patient Discovery For Rare Diseases Using Social Listening

Customer Reviews

How Customer Reviews Influence Purchasing Decisions in E-Commerce

Conference Analytics

How Pharma Companies Can Benefit From Conference Analytics

Vitamins Competitor Insights

Understanding Customer Perception on Vitamins, Minerals and Supplement Products – A Voice of Customer Study

Amex app competitive benchmarking

How Financial Services Companies Can Improve Their App Performance by Mining App Reviews – A Voice of Customer Study

Toothpaste areas of concern

What’s Missing in Your Toothpaste – A Voice Of Customer Study

CBD Benefits Across Geographies

Discovering Key Differences in Consumer Preferences in The Countries Where CBD Products are Legal.

Sentiment Analysis of Household Cleaning

Consumer Preference for Household Cleaning Products – A Voice of Customer Study

CBD Trends

Emerging Trends in CBD Industry

US CBD Market

Are CBD Brands Able To Meet Customer Expectations With Their Marketing?

PharmaSignals by SetuServ

How can pharma companies provide insightful conversation starters to their medical reps using publicly available physician commentary?

SetuServ Logo

How Text Analytics Can Help Marketing & Customer Experience Teams in Winning Customers

Dimensions of wellness

Consumer trends in health and wellness in 2020

Artificial Intelligence in marketing

How E-Commerce Companies Can Leverage AI & ML Technologies To Ensure Business Growth

text mining software

The Key Advantages Of Mining Customer Reviews

corona virus word cloud

Importance of Understanding Consumer Emotions since COVID-19

Social Media Sentiment Analysis

Role of Sentiment Analysis in Market Research


Scaling up your Share of Voice in a Competitive Market