Application of Artificial Intelligence in Pharma Industry

The rapid emergence of AI with recent innovations in Large Language models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT is having a profound impact on various industries. This technological advancement is being likened to the breakthrough of electricity, which had a profound impact on various industries. This article will delve into AI use cases pertinent to diverse pharma stakeholders.

Commercial Analytics:

Leverage LLMs to gain real-time, comprehensive insights into online discussions and opinions among physicians and patients. Examples include:


  • Obtain specific physician perceptions about your drug compared to competitors using custom trained LLM

  • Utilize network graph analysis to identify and engage influential digital opinion leaders

  •           Identify influential  patients for advocacy, brand ambassadorship, and patient-centric       initiatives
  •            Analyze the impact of clinical trials, direct-to-consumer campaigns, conferences, and new  launches on sentiment and share of mentions for your drug and competitor drugs


  • Continuously monitor competitor websites for key messaging changes
  • Utilize extensive patient data, including electronic medical records, to predict patient volume for each physician
  • Generate conversation starter email digests email digests for Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs), enabling stronger connections with physicians during sales detailing


  • Identify unmet medical needs through patient and physician data analysis, enabling targeted content creation
  • Discover patients for rare diseases through social media discussions, facilitating online education and treatment outreach.

  • Enable customized marketing using LLM-powered bots to generate thousands of personalized messages

  • Develop marketing campaigns based on positive physician and patient discussions to enhance brand visibility and lead conversions

  • Automate content approval processes, reducing time and effort
  • Summarize lengthy videos/articles into digestible formats for swift review. Sanofi has implemented this to automate research papers review

Medical Affairs:

  •           Enhance medical education through interactive modules and personalized lessons, promoting effective knowledge retention and skill development

Other Applications:


  • Accurately detect potential adverse events and track adverse drug reactions (ADRs) from sources such as clinical trials, electronic health records, and social media. Johnson & Johnson used this to
  •            Monitor and forecast epidemic outbreaks for optimized logistics and supply chain managemet

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