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Improve Star Ratings. Boost NPS and CSAT Score. Drive Shareholder Value.

Consumer tastes change, competitors launch new products, and new alternatives emerge. Modern industries are in a state of near-constant change, and our platform is custom-built to reflect that.
Our customers include global CPG companies driving incremental innovation at the product level and/or disruptive innovation at the corporate level, retailers seeking to deconstruct online star ratings, consumer brands measuring the impact of digital media spend and hardware manufacturers quantifying customer success programs.
Across industry type, company size and stage, and functional department, organizations are turning to SetuServ to provide the “why” to their most pressing business issues.

Solutions by Function

Product development/ Innovation

Consumers talk about hundreds of unmet needs in millions of feedback comments.

Marketing Content Optimization

Customers write positive posts for your products/services either organically or in response to your campaigns.

Customer Service/ Reputation Management Automation

Consumers mention critical comments in social media and call center interactions hoping that you would respond and take action.

Consumer Insights

Consumers love, hate and request many characteristics for both your products and those of your competitors.


Products ratings influence more than 63% of eCommerce purchases. Understanding reasons for the ratings can help drive higher ratings and increased sales revenue.

Deal Support

Investors rely on primary and secondary research to support their understanding of target firms and markets. Today, investors have a broad and deep range of direct feedback to influence investment decisions.