Plugins: A Game-Changing Upgrade That Will Revolutionize ChatGPT

  • In November 2022, ChatGPT launched, becoming hugely successful. It was able to gain 100 million users within 3 months, which was the fastest in history for any app
  • The main limitation of ChatGPT until now was that it is limited to its training data as of 2021 & limited use cases, while with the launch of ChatGPT Plugins, it will enable a wide range of use cases due to access to more recent data, which it can access through the Plugins
  • ChatGPT has released 3 plugins(Browsing, Code interpreter, Retrieval) by itself and also started giving developers early access for building 3rd party apps
  • Retrieval Plugin: Let ChatGPT access personal or organizational information sources (with permission)
    • It allows users to obtain the most relevant document snippets from their data sources, such as files, notes, emails, or public documentation, by asking questions or expressing needs in natural language
    • It can be hosted & deployed at the end of the company
    • Generates value since it can be used to ask questions from 1000’s of documents stored within a company database at once & retrieve the required information

Example of a Plugin being connected to the United Nations & asking questions

  • Third-Party Plugins: Access apps from ChatGPT & trigger actions through natural language
    • While starting a conversation on, users can choose which third-party plugins they’d like to be enabled. The user can then enter natural language to trigger actions within these apps. Below is an example of a prompt from the announcement
      • User Prompt: Looking to eat vegan food in San Francisco this weekend. Could you get me one great restaurant suggestion for Saturday and a simple recipe for Sunday (just the ingredients)? Please calculate the calories for the recipe using Wolfram Alpha. Finally, order the ingredients on InstaCart.
      • Action: In this context, ChatGPT has integrated plugins from prominent services such as OpenTable, which enables users to book restaurant reservations. Additionally, utilizing an undisclosed recipe, the model can calculate the calorie count using the knowledge engine Wolfram Alpha and ordering the necessary ingredients from InstaCart, a popular retail delivery service. 
    • The Plugins would create an ecosystem of apps similar to google workspace helping users to use natural language to use any app in the world
  • How to access as a user
    • Users of ChatGPT plus need to join the waitlist here:
    • ChatGPT is currently expanding the availability of plugins to both users and developers, with an initial focus on a select group of ChatGPT Plus users and developers. ChatGPT plans to gradually expand access to a larger audience in the future.

A new era of AI for education: GPT and its potential impact

GPT is revolutionizing the way children learn. Based on its capability to personalize & teach based on socratic method, it is soon to become an AI study partner for children across different edtech companies. Below are a few examples of ed-tech companies which have started using AI for teaching:

  • Khan Academy 
    • Khan Academy, a non-profit organization providing free education to everyone, anywhere, is launching Khanmigo, an AI-powered virtual tutor and classroom assistant using GPT-4. The AI assistant aims to help students with different levels and gaps in their learning and also support teachers to tailor their lessons. The GPT-4 model can understand freeform questions and prompts, allowing it to ask individualized questions for each student. Khan Academy plans to run the pilot program responsibly with a limited number of participants while inviting the public to join the waitlist. The organization hopes that GPT-4 will help students understand not just how to solve a problem but also the concepts behind it.
  • Quizlet
    • Quizlet is a widely-used learning platform worldwide, utilized by over 60 million students for studying, practicing, and mastering various subjects. Over the past three years, Quizlet has collaborated with OpenAI, utilizing GPT-3 for a range of applications, such as vocabulary learning and practice exams. With the release of the ChatGPT API, Quizlet is introducing Q-Chat, an AI tutor that adapts fully to students’ needs by presenting relevant study materials through an enjoyable chat experience, using adaptive questions.
  • Koalluh
    • Koalluh is using AI to generate stories based on certain selections the children can make. It solves the challenge of making reading engaging for children
  • SetuServ, with its rich expertise in NLP & LLM technologies, can implement LLMs within your ed-tech product. Please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] to understand how we can be your LLM integration partner.