Customized AI: Machine Power + Human Accuracy

Customized AI: Machine Power + Human Accuracy

Too often, businesses are using simple counting statistics or multiple choice survey feedback as proxies for complex concepts like engagement, affinity and loyalty. Such an approach may be helpful to provide directional feedback, but is wholly-insufficient to support important business decisions, both tactical and strategic.

Industry-specific AI solutions, while targeted, are typically modeled on generic data and therefore too broad to provide answers to the specific questions that your employees are asking on a daily basis.

Our approach is designed to allow for significant up-front learning and collaboration between SetuServ consultants and client stakeholders. This allows us to build models that are uniquely-tailored to each client and for each specific functional purpose.

50% of the answer isn’t good enough. We’ll get you the rest of the way there.

How does it work?

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1. Identify Sources & Collect Data

The SetuServ platform is agnostic and can ingest data from any public or private source. We will work with you to identify valuable troves of customer feedback across social media platforms, ecommerce sites and discussion forums, and supplement with private resources such as NPS/CSAT surveys and customer support logs.

2. Build Custom Taxonomies

Our consultants conduct a deep dive into the specifics of each respective business question to ensure that your unique taxonomies will provide actionable insight. We’ll continually monitor the sources as consumer communication preferences change and curate the incoming text to match your individual needs.

unique taxonomies for each business question
Granular report on customer review analysis.

3. Act, Adapt, Repeat

Armed with granular insights, SetuServ clients can take tactical action to address product, marketing, or customer service issues, while using higher-level trends and emerging themes to guide strategic brand direction, innovation programs or corporate strategy. As the competitive ecosystem evolves and the facts change, our analyst team will ensure that the SetuServ platform adapts and continually gets smarter.

  • "SetuServ's text analytics solution saves us hours of human work and money each month and is still able to preserve the quality of analyst synthesis. Their team is always pleasant and joy to work with!"

    Lindsay Harden

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