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Customized AI: Machine Power + Human Accuracy

Standard text analytical solutions face multiple challenges in analyzing unstructured data – They don’t find specific root causes driving an issue even though the root cause is mentioned in the text. Word meaning changes based on domain and context. Algorithms that are optimized for 140 character tweets don’t generalize well to long-form blog comments and vice versa. Due to these challenges, text analytics solutions become just filtering tools – Instead of helping users determine actions, they make them read customer feedback.

Our Text Analytics Platform addresses these challenges through a combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Human Intelligence (HI). This unified approach of AI & HI enables us to analyze feedback at a speed no human can match and an accuracy level no computer algorithm can match.

How does it work?

We firmly believe that any platform should meet the needs and expectations of the customer. Our workflow platform trains and optimizes AI models for each client based on the client’s objectives, use cases, and data sources.

Customized AI Solution

Our Text Analytics platform is agnostic and can ingest data from any public or private source. We will work with you to identify valuable troves of customer feedback and configure our platform to aggregate data on a periodic basis. While our platform derives topic taxonomies and product hierarchies from the data, our analysts curate to ensure that they are aligned to answer your key business questions. Our analysts also build high quality training data to train AI models and optimize them for your use cases and data sources.

Customized Visualization

We provide the results and insights in a web-based dashboard that is customizable to meet your needs. The dashboard contains views such as Insights from topics, Competitor analysis, Differences across segments etc. These views allow you to get various insights and answers for your key business questions. We can also configure the visualization of end results in popular analytics tools such as Tableau, Power BI, etc. to meet the demands of clients who are well versed in those particular tools. We can also create custom decks (in the form of PDFs and PPTs) and provide expert additional analysis and insights from our in-house consultants.


We understand that based on varied internal requirements, sometimes you require data from various stages of the data pipeline
  • Raw scraped data
  • Data after AI predictions
  • Final human-curated predicted data
  • Our APIs are able to provide end-points at all the above stages of data pipeline.