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PharmaSignals by SetuServ

PharmaSignals DataLink

PharmaSignals DataLink is the first real-time access link to physicians’ opinions across key digital channels consolidated into one portal. It is a SetuServ AI-powered engine with a user interface built to highlight and track key pharmaceutical industry’s digital metrics in real-time.

With the growth of the internet, more and more physicians are turning to social media for ease of communications and information exchange. These opinions contain rich medical insights; however, access is challenging as sources are disparate, communications are plentiful, and opinions are noisy. PharmaSignals DataLink provides easy access to such insights via Tableau.

Digital Identities, KOL Identification & Key Metrics

PharmaSignal DataLink offers physicians’ digital identities (profiles and handles) in each source with drill-down access to historical opinions across all covered sources. In addition, it has auto-mapped influencer networks to identify digital KOLs. Key performance indicators such as share of voice, net sentiment, competitive benchmarking, and trending Topics/drugs/therapies are discovered using text analytics. These key metrics are further analyzed for various segments: patient and physician type, HCP geography, HCP specialty, clinical trial, drug, drug class, disease area, and Mechanism of Action (MOA).

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Relevant Engagement

Deeply curated digital profiles and opinions associated with the profiles can help identify and prioritize key people and foster informed and high-value interactions. This can be helpful for tailoring content and messages to better resonate with them.

Real-time Customer & Competitor Intelligence

We monitor and analyze physicians’ opinions across research articles, social media, and more to bring candid insights into the minds of healthcare professionals about your drugs and your competitors’ drugs. Physicians’ organic opinions are a great way to answer business questions in near real-time and can help you make decisions quickly.

Therapeutic area

In-depth Coverage by Therapeutic Area

We created in-depth digital profiles and analyzed their historical opinions for insights into the following therapeutic areas: Cardiology, Hematology, Endocrinology, Oncology, Dermatology, Neurology, Gastroenterology, Rheumatology, Respiratory, and Regenerative. These profiles and insights will help us better understand the needs and interests of Cardiologists, Hematologists, Endocrinologists, Oncologists, Dermatologists, Neurologists, Gastroenterologists, Rheumatologists, and Pulmonologists.