How Pharma Companies Can Benefit From Conference Analytics

HCPs desire to keep themselves updated about the latest happenings in their respective therapeutic areas by following KOLs on social media, various journals, blogs, newsletters, etc. One of the key channels which are considered critical by HCPs is attending medical conferences. Medical conferences are not merely a gathering for imparting education but a medium to interact with peers and KOLs, discussing about new drugs, evolving novel, and locally relevant ideas leading to improvement in health-care delivery, and patient outcomes.

According to a survey by Ogilvy Common Health World Wide, most HCPs attend conferences to learn about new clinical information (79%) and keep up with current trends (78%). Thus, reiterating the importance of medical conferences.

Conference Analysis

Most brands use these conferences to present their latest clinical trials and promote their products through promotional booths. Pharma marketing and sales professionals use these booths as a platform for interaction with HCPs and KOLs. They share relevant information in the form of brochures, handouts, and e-mail newsletters. 

Conference Analytics

Many HCPs and KOLs are very active on social media and tend to share their opinions on drugs presented at conferences through these mediums. The gained knowledge during a conference is shared across multiple media sites and journals where they contribute content in the form of subject matter experts. Such data across various channels when collated and analyzed can give amazing insights into what the HCPs and KOLs perceive about various clinical trials presented at the conference. 

With the current COVID-19 pandemic curtailing the ability to freely conduct large gatherings or events, many conferences have shifted to digital gatherings and events. This has significantly increased the online interactions between HCPs and KOLs. Subsequently, KOLs have started disseminating their learnings about clinical trials and new products on their respective social media profiles and other media sites. Aggregating these conversations and analyzing them can give actionable insights.

How does SetuServ’s Pharma Signals Platform help?

SetuServ’s Pharma Signals platform is specifically designed to analyze large amounts of data using contemporary technologies like AI and NLP thus achieving speed, accuracy, and scale. The platform has the ability to aggregate data from various social and media sources, separate noise from insightful signals, extract entities such as study name, disease area, drug and mechanism of action, and mine insights of interest.  The derived insights are used by various teams in different ways to provide insights on KOL, PCP, and patient conversations. 

Competitive intelligence teams can use these insights to understand various aspects, vis-à-vis competitors while the medical reps can use the platform to collate rich quality content which enables quality interaction with HCPs or KOLs.

To illustrate the richness of the opinions expressed at conferences, we extracted 5 insightful KOL tweets from the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI) conference. The output is shared below

HCP Tweets From Conference

The output represents the quality of KOL opinions. Identifying and mining such insights provide actionable intelligence to pharma companies, especially on competitors’ drug pipelines. 

SetuServ’s PharmaSignals platform helps pharma companies in extracting actionable insights by leveraging state-of-the-art text mining algorithms and industry-specific workflows, data pipelines, and AI modules linked to the specific organization’s KPIs and goals