A new era of AI for education: GPT and its potential impact

GPT is revolutionizing the way children learn. Based on its capability to personalize & teach based on socratic method, it is soon to become an AI study partner for children across different edtech companies. Below are a few examples of ed-tech companies which have started using AI for teaching:

  • Khan Academy 
    • Khan Academy, a non-profit organization providing free education to everyone, anywhere, is launching Khanmigo, an AI-powered virtual tutor and classroom assistant using GPT-4. The AI assistant aims to help students with different levels and gaps in their learning and also support teachers to tailor their lessons. The GPT-4 model can understand freeform questions and prompts, allowing it to ask individualized questions for each student. Khan Academy plans to run the pilot program responsibly with a limited number of participants while inviting the public to join the waitlist. The organization hopes that GPT-4 will help students understand not just how to solve a problem but also the concepts behind it.
  • Quizlet
    • Quizlet is a widely-used learning platform worldwide, utilized by over 60 million students for studying, practicing, and mastering various subjects. Over the past three years, Quizlet has collaborated with OpenAI, utilizing GPT-3 for a range of applications, such as vocabulary learning and practice exams. With the release of the ChatGPT API, Quizlet is introducing Q-Chat, an AI tutor that adapts fully to students’ needs by presenting relevant study materials through an enjoyable chat experience, using adaptive questions.
  • Koalluh
    • Koalluh is using AI to generate stories based on certain selections the children can make. It solves the challenge of making reading engaging for children
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