Digital Voice of Customer

Automated market research using online customer reviews

Setuserv’s Consumer Reviews Insights Database (CRIS) platform is designed to mine  insights and signals from multiple online sources including eCommerce platforms, business listing sites, social media portals, travel sites and all other major sources for reviews. We specialize in customizing the solution based on industry-specific needs. Our data research team works with each client’s requirements, designing the most appropriate solution from data collection to building a custom machine learning model to offer the most accurate insights and signals based on industry needs.


Review sites

Specific review sites like trustpilot offer exclusive reviews; mining these data will enable us to understand customer needs and expectations.

Social Media Analysis

Social mentions are very useful in gathering emotional data. We are experts in gathering and collating sentiment from consumers from sources such as twitter’s mentions and hashtags.

Ecommerce Reviews

Ecommerce product reviews are the greatest way to identify product innovation ideas that brands can use for their product road map.

Local Business Listings

Google business listings are valuable for analyzing the in-store experience of a brand at a specific location. We can develop geomap location analysis and use this data to improve customer experience specific to each geography.

Beat the limitations in Surveys

Brands conduct surveys with defined objectives oftentimes these surveys are limited and do not capture the real voice of the customer. Online reviews are the greatest source for brands to capture and gain deep insights with each topic to make appropriate decisions. There is a lot of untapped data in the form of social mentions, eCommerce product reviews, business listing reviews, online review sites and more

Topics and Sentiments

Our solution mines reviews across all online  sources and offers insights in the form of topics and attached sentiments for these topics. This will help brands to analyze the volume of mentions on a specific topic and top positive and negative sentiments attached to that topic.This data gives direction to the brands attached with data evidence on review trends.

Competitive Intelligence

While our solution is designed to gather the data from various online sources we can collect and analyze the data of the competitors and offer a competitive benchmarking feature to the brands where they can analyze their brand performance against the competitive brand performance in different customer touchpoints and learn topics to take a competitive advantage.