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Online Customer Review Analysis

Actionable insights from eCommerce and Social Media reviews.

Gain competitive edge by addressing the trailing areas & unmet needs

Consumers love, hate and request many characteristics for both your products and those of your competitors. We’ll benchmark you against the competitive set on each discussion topic to both pinpoint the areas where you trail and identify unmet needs you can address.

Build online reputation by automating your review management processes

Consumers write critical reviews hoping that you would respond and take action. We aggregate and organize your reviews across e-commerce sites and pinpoint the critical reviews you need to respond to. Using our dashboard, you can also track response rates across all e-commerce sites, markets and SKUs.

Refine your marketing communications to match the language of your customers

Each positive review is a powerful testimonial articulating the winning attributes of your product in the words of your target customers.Our structured analysis will surface specific language for use in marketing communication strategy, advertising copy, product descriptions and SEO tags.

Fix underperforming segments by identifying where and why you are underperforming

Your reviews are dispersed across products, geographies and retailers, making it challenging to identify the underperforming products, geographies and retailers. We aggregate and mine them systematically to show where you are underperforming, and the root causes driving the under-performance.