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PharmaSignals by SetuServ


PharmaSignals by SetuServ is the first specialized healthcare text analytics platform that captures the Voice of the Physician and Patient and serves up rich insights to Pharmaceutical companies and healthcare institutions. The cloud-based platform provides access to insights such as opinions of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)/physicians on drugs/clinical trials, experiences and unmet needs expressed by physicians/patients, early market drug reception, emerging trends, patient discovery for rare diseases, and competitor website tracking for messaging changes.

Mining Insights and Signals from Pharma Data

Pharma brands have access to rich data and are sophisticated with their analysis. However, most of the data sources have a lag of a few weeks to months. Mining publicly available social feedback and publications data yields near real-time insights. Examples from data sources include:

    • The volume of Discussions (e.g. ~1 MM tweets on Leukemia alone)
    • Audience Variety: Discussions from several stakeholders 
    • Data Velocity: Tracks organic topics from online stakeholders on a near real-time basis for immediate trends and feedback
Pharma Data Sources

Common Challenges in Pharmaceutical Industry


    • Noisy data – Quite a few discussions contain data that is not relevant to the drug or topic in question.. Finding valuable insights in such data is similar to the problem of “finding needles in a haystack”. 
    • Deep insights – Machine Learning alone can not provide the required depth of insights
    • High accuracy – Given the limited training data, machine learning models can not be trained to provide high accuracy levels and need to be completed with human curation

Get deep and accurate signals & insights


We understand the limitations of fully automated text analytics models pertaining to inaccuracy in results. Our solution mitigates them by combining both manual research and automated text analytics models designed for different drug types to increase the accuracy of signals and insights. Thus, helping in delivering more actionable insights.

Discovering Unmet Patient Needs

As patients and physicians use pharma drugs, they share their experiences and challenges in social media and discussion forums. 

Competitive Website Monitoring

Automated website monitoring helps Pharma companies identify how their competitors are positioning and messaging their drugs, and how it is changing over time. 

Rare Disease Patient Discovery

Patients with rare conditions and their caregivers tend to scatter geographically due to the low prevalence of the diseases. 

Email Digest

The ‘Email Digest Module’ of our PharmaSignals platform consolidates such insights and delivers them directly to your inbox

Conference Analytics - Pharma

Rich insights, opinions, sentiments and trends from key opinion leaders, doctors and experts in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. 

Health Care Industry KOL Insights

Get email alerts with insights from Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), Physicians and Patients. Pharma sales representatives can use these to put together conversation starters for their sales detailing discussions with physicians.