Digital Identities and real time insights from physicians

About half of the physicians in the top 10 therapeutic areas are active digitally. Many of these HCPs have been sharing their insightful opinions/experiences digitally on drugs, studies, and treatments during the pandemic across various therapeutic areas. In the Top 10 therapeutic areas, we identified ~70k physicians with digital identities.

They are digitally active across a variety of sources, such as

  • Publications: PubMed, Google Scholar, Semantic Scholar


  • Social Media such as Twitter

  • Media articles

In addition, physicians’ research activities can be tracked from CMS Open Payments

Harvesting physician opinions, and mining them with AI technology can help identify key digital opinion leaders, uncover HCP perceptions and answer Key Business and Research Questions in real-time. Listed below are a few example questions.


  • Which HCPs are active on public platforms? Who are the national, regional, and local Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs) based on signals from social media, network graphs, publications, and CMS open payments?

  • What are our target HCPs posting online?

  • What are DOL perceptions on new clinical trials, studies, drugs, etc.?

  • What is the quantitative and qualitative impact of all the events on HCP perceptions on our and competitors’ drugs?

  • What are the key messaging changes of competitor websites?

To get a proof of concept on how this solution can uncover rich, actionable insights for your drug/therapeutic area, please reach out to [email protected].