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Identify Key Opinion Leaders In Pharma

KOL Management, Identification, Mapping and Enagagement

Key opinion leaders (KOLs) are influential people in the Pharma industry with a large, trusted following. They are seen as credible sources of information for patients and healthcare professionals alike. Physicians who are lauded, respected among colleagues, and have immense knowledge about a particular pharmaceutical industry segment are known as KOLs.Collectively, the KOLs are a vital asset and an integral part of pharma communications.

End to End KOL Management

KOL Management refers to the complete life cycle of identifying, mapping, segmenting, planning, engaging and interacting with Key Opinion Leaders. From beginning to end. Each of the below steps creates a vital contribution to the overall KOL Management cycle.

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KOL Identification

Our solution is designed to help pharma companies to identify Key Opinion Leaders who can impact their objectives. The most important factors in identifying KOLS include reputation, level of expertise, and existing knowledge about your products.

We measure impact influence by reach and depth. Some influencers may have higher reach but lower depth, while others may be more niche with deeper engagement. We match verified profiles to your marketing objectives to ensure the right influencer is used for the right project. Read more >>

KOL Mapping


KOLS influence the prescription patterns of the general public, and by extension, the sales of pharmaceutical products. Most pharmaceutical companies make use of KOLs in some form or the other in their marketing strategy. KOLs are also known for providing drug samples to physicians, which benefit patients who cannot otherwise afford expensive medications. Using our solutions, Pharma companies can map KOLs in specific Therapeutic areas in specific geographic locations. We offer KOLs social profiles data with relevant posts in specific therapeutic areas.

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KOL Engagement


KOL engagement empowers research companies to drive more impactful strategy marketing content and new product development. These relationships are based on trust to ensure they are dependable and long term.Most importantly research partnerships facilitate knowledge exchange for the development and refinement of products.

While KOL engagement does not personally diagnose or prescribe drugs, it evaluates drug impact to better understand treatment impact. Using our data, pharma companies can connect with KOLS on their social profiles and engage.

Top 10 KOLs in Oncology

Tweets by KOLs