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Gather actionable insights from online reviews, social media commentary, survey feedback and chat logs. Add structure to unstructured text, at massive scale.

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We build custom AI models to solve your specific business challenges

Collect the consumer data

We collect the data, wherever it resides…

Our platform is agnostic to data source and will gather feedback from your customers, curate enormous volumes of unstructured text, and design specific taxonomies to reflect each individual business question. As your competitive ecosystem evolves, our solution will evolve in tandem.

Separate signal from the noise

…and separate the signal from the noise

Our service-driven approach ensures incredibly accurate and high-performing machine learning models, resulting in granular and actionable insights. Whether you are measuring NPS, CSAT or star ratings, the SetuServ platform will provide sentiment and weight for every contributing trait.

SetuServ’s Skierarchy Platform

Artificial Intelligence + Human Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence with Human Intelligence Platform

An out-of-the box product isn’t enough. Vanity metrics won’t give you insight. Our Skierarchy Platform architecture ensures that our analyst team is working with you to continually tune the machine and react to the fluid nature of your competitive ecosystem in real-time.


Our customers use the insights generated from the SetuServ platform to inform the tactical to the strategic. Whether you are testing the impact of marketing communications, tracking customer service metrics or providing deal support for an acquisition, SetuServ can help.


  • "The quality of the insights from SetuServ's platform is remarkable and reflects the time they spent building models specifically for us."

    Sai Koppoka BEL USA
  • "SetuServ helped us derive actionable insights from thousands of reviews each day. The insights are easy to act upon by internal teams to solve for customer pain points, and easy to share with a variety of stakeholders at our company."

    Saurabh Gupta Flipkart
  • "SetuServ's text analytics solution saves us hours of human work and money each month and is still able to preserve the quality of analyst synthesis. Their team is always pleasant and joy to work with!"

    Lindsay Harden

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