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Consumer Insights for Beauty & Personal Care Brands

On Amazon alone, more than a thousand brands are sold and generate over 100,000 reviews every month. SetuServ’s proprietary text mining platform has analyzed over 2 million customer reviews to uncover deep insights on how brands can improve their products, services and marketing, and to take advantage of emerging trends.




Move the needle on your rating and sales by acting on the top 5 discussion topics

Consumer preferences and perceptions are constantly changing and its hard to find the emerging trends that are not fads. Our solution constantly monitors reviews across all brands and surfaces emerging trends that influences users purchase decisions.

Incorporate emerging trends in your marketing communications & product innovation

Our solution constantly monitors all brands  and surfaces products that are rapidly gaining in user engagement and sales ranks. Mining  feedback on these products uncovers topics that influence product trends.. Even for products that have steady user engagement, consumers often bring up new issues. Incorporating macro and micro trends into marketing communications & product innovation can provide a competitive edge.

Gain competitive edge by addressing the trailing areas & unmet needs

Consumers love, hate and request many attributes for both your products and those of your competitors. We will benchmark you against the competitive set on each discussion topic to both pinpoint the areas where you trail and identify unmet needs to be addressed. Topics of confusion or complaints can be used to update FAQ sections and “traveler tips” and to set appropriate expectations.

Find perception drivers that explain differences across audience, geography and product segments

User preferences vary by consumer segments such as geography, gender, Age group, etc.. Mining Voice of the Customer (VoC) helps us understand the likes or dislikes of each segment group.. Marketing content and promotions can then be tailored to each segment.

Market landscape and understand purchase drivers/limiters by brand

In understanding product performance, most businesses review sales and/or shares but do not have visibility to WHY certain products are gaining or losing share. Our solution covers the global landscape and can identify the root causes driving the change, and why the brand is leading or trailing against the competitors.


Ready to use Custom taxonomy & AI models

Taxonomies and hierarchies are evolved from Beauty & Personal care data. AI models are custom trained for the category.

Decision clarity to act with confidence

Category trained models provide highly accurate insights gives you the confidence to act on the insights without manually reading thousands of reviews. 


Minimal setup: Completely built out workflows, data pipelines & AI modules. Ongoing analysis is automated. Easy to add additional sources.