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Consumer Insights for CBD Brands

The CBD-based product industry is exploding, with an increasing number of brands, formats and applications available to U.S. consumers. SetuServ’s proprietary text mining platform has analyzed over 27,000 customer reviews from retail websites and uncovered deep insights about the current perceptions of products and areas for improvement.

Actionable Insights from Consumer Reviews

While the 2018 Farm Bill legalized the production of hemp, consumers remain confused by product benefit areas, ingredients and quality standards. As the CBD industry continues to grow exponentially, it is imperative that leaders in marketing, R&D and sales listen closely to the feedback from their customers to continually adapt to this evolving competitive ecosystem.

Hear customers describe benefit areas in their own words

The applications of CBD range from treatment for anxiety to pain relief to insomnia to pet arthritis. A structured analysis of consumer reviews allows for a ranking of the most popular use cases and associated sentiment.

Understand the top product-related issues raised by CBD consumers

Are customers receiving what they expected? Is the product packaging defective? Are usage instructions confusing? See what issues customers are commonly facing and whether they are causing pleasure or pain.

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Discover key differences in consumer preferences across countries

As regulatory environments and cultural norms vary by country, it is imperative to understand distinct consumer needs and expectations by region.

Identify critical gaps between consumer expectations and actual performance

The current fragmented state of the CBD product market has left customers confused about product efficacy and quality standards. See where customer experiences don’t match marketing promises.

See the brands that are winning in the market

Sorting review data by brand and/or region highlights the CBD brands that are gaining share of voice through increasing review counts and positive sentiment.