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Delight your customers. Unburden your team

Ever felt text analysis tools falling short of expectations, and people based solutions being over costly? Have you faced challenges of representativeness while summarizing text conversations at scale for your customers? Answer is Setuserv.

  • Our novel Skierarchy process that uses Natural language processing algorithms as an assistant to human intelligence, will help you synthesize the conversations accurately and cost effectively.
  • We develop themes from customer conversations ‘on the fly’, which means you always find something more than you already knew.
  • We identify, otherwise unavailable customer demographics from the text data itself, based on type of analysis that you find interesting.
  • Our consulting team loves to assist you in your sales pitches.
  • Last, but not the least, our interactive drill down platforms help you review the insights easily.



A social media agency in hospitality industry spent lot of time analyzing through customer reviews to find insights for sales pitches – a costly process and yet with non quantified insights.

Results and impact

Agency partnered with Setuserv to gain very granular insights from customer reviews on an ongoing basis for their sales pitches as well as for deliverables to their converted clients. As a result of Setuserv’s independent process, they were able to devote much more time to their core activities.

Data Providers

Grow with us

Our Skierarchy process has unparalleled reputation when it comes to interpreting customer conversations. If you have proprietary access to conversations in any space at huge scale, and are not sure how to tap into it’s value, our data partnership program is a perfect fit for you.

  • We convert your data into insights that have a market value because they are actionable.
  • We absorb your ‘go to market’ costs and risks, using our customer relationships.
  • We share valuable customer feedback back with you to help you identify most important user discussion areas.

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A Medical professionals discussions platform owner with millions of valuable physician conversations was exploring extra sources of revenues.

Results and Impact

Partnering with Setuserv not only helped the parner to get access to 5 new pharmaceutical customers looking for insights from physician conversations, but also helped them arrange their content more intuitively for the platform users. This was made possible by our analysis of 5,000 conversations per week with 98% accuracy and very granular & actionable insights.

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