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  • Don't just listen, ACT Derive deep insights from customer conversations unlike existing approaches that fail to go beyond counts of likes, ratings and superficial word clouds. that are ready for action.
  • Better than a tool & faster than analysts Text analysis tools fail to get the depth and accuracy required to give you the confidence to act. Agencies have much better uses for their time than to read thousands on comments. Skierarchy brings you the best of both.
  • Recognized leaders in voice of customer synthesis
Actionable Value from Customer Conversations Actions result only from listening with context. At today’s growing scale and evolving context, you need Machine Learning and Curation.
Social Media Conversations
Derive insights that can drive growth from exploding social channels
SEE CASE STUDY :  Mass media company
Mass media company
Customer Need
Viewers of television shows are increasingly discussing their favorite shows in online forums. A media company is looking for ways to use this information to influence how they make and market these shows.
Deliverable Factors that drove positive and negative perceptions, categorized into the dimensions that TV shows are evaluated on (e.g. scripting, casting, direction).
Impact on the Client Rich inputs to producers for character and story development. Improved marketing by reinforcing the positive perceptions.
Customer Complaints & Feedback
Route accurately and spot trends
Customer Need
B2C companies collect customer feedback including complaints and praise through a variety of online sources including both owned and public media. These need to be routed to the right department and analyzed for their root causes .
Deliverable Process to read, analyze and route to the right department. Daily reports identifying breaks in trend that point to critical issues. Periodic reports analyzing medium to long term issues.
Impact on the Client Savings through reduction in mis-routed feedback. Ability to course correct quickly when critical issues are identified. .
Synthesize open-ends to get the “Whys” and “Why nots”
SEE CASE STUDY : Education technology provider
Education technology provider
Customer Need
A customer-focused company collects customer feedback through surveys. While structured data provides clues to how the customer feels, most often the causes of those perceptions lie in the answers to open-ends. These comments are too numerous to read and a consistent interpretation is challenging.
Deliverable Synthesis of hundreds of survey open-ends identifying reasons for customer perceptions. This was cross tabulated with structured data to map the drivers behind customer perceptions for each customer segment.
Impact on the Client Knowing the root causes driving customer perceptions enables prioritizing actions and assignment of actions to the right department.
Derive competitive intelligence from treasure trove of User generated content
SEE CASE STUDY : Car review website
Car review website
Customer Need
A review website has hundreds of thousands of reviews that contain rich intelligence on car dealers. However, they are unable to extract this intelligence and monetize this treasure trove of information.
Deliverable Brand and geographic level trends and differences along with dealer level summary on competitive intelligence and operational issues .
Impact on the Client New revenue source with dealers and brands. Increased customer engagement and better buying experience for car buyers.
Customized Solutions Adapt SkierarchyTM Platform to meet your need
Knowledge Base Development
Build a knowledge base from dispersed and non-standard sources
SEE CASE STUDY : Trade association
Trade association
Customer Need
Industries have to comply with a wide variety of regulations at Federal, State & local levels. Compliance managers need a better alternative to sifting through thousands of pages of regulations in hundreds of websites to access relevant information.
Deliverable A user friendly & navigable knowledge base with thousands of relevant regulations from hundreds of Federal, State & Local websites that were further categorized by jurisdiction, type & affected business unit.
Impact on the Client One stop shop for regulations reduce burden on compliance managers. Well categorized regulations makes it easy to access relevant information in order to avoid penalties when regulations are not followed.
Price Intelligence
Benchmark pricing accurately by identifying similar products/services sold by competitors
SEE CASE STUDY : Office Supply Retailer
Office Supply Retailer
Customer Need
Retailers are looking for ways to optimize prices for thousands of products. A big input into price optimization is the competitor’s price of the same or similar item which is hard to get efficiently and accurately.
Deliverable A updateable database of products from competitor marketplaces matched based on very specific matching characteristics such as pack size, color in addition to product prices.
Impact on the Client Continuously flowing pricing information and additional product characteristics to optimize product pricing competitively.
Product Enrichment & Categorization
Enable structured browsing and analytics by enriching and categorizing products
SEE CASE STUDY : E-retailer
Customer Need
An e-retailer has ~100k merchants selling ~2 MM items. Most items lack product descriptions and are not properly categorized, making it hard for customers to browse and find them.
Deliverable A scalable solution to enrich product information and categorize products into a taxonomy with 95%+ accuracy .
Impact on the Client Increased the customer engagement by 4x (both the number of pages a customer visits, and the session length)
Target List Development
Enrich targets with public and private information
SEE CASE STUDY : Healthcare company
Healthcare company
Customer Need
A complete target customer profile provides marketers with intelligence which can be used to design optimal tactics to reach & influence potential customer.
Deliverable Enriched target list with consolidated information from various public sources such as hospital websites, conferences, research papers, clinical trials, & insurance websites to identify focus & influence creating a full profile for a target.
Impact on the Client Better tactics to reach & influence targets. Free up sales people to do tasks that they are good at Retailer.
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